only month till finals (IM FUCKED), so i'll be here even less often than before :c

currently obsessed with: qotsa - you can't quit me baby; baked camembert, leather skirts and mothERFUCKING GAME OF THRONES S4.
who am i?
alex, 18 and 11/12

i dont even know whats the point on being here

endings terrifies me

i like my tea without sugar

hannibal s2
elementary s2
game of thrones s4
the simpsons s25
tbbt s7

blood red shoes' new album
eagles of death metal (i just)

confession:i know nothing about networks, botms and other popular stuff, ooopsy


have you ever shipped something so much you just want to hit yourself in the face with a brick

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I hate brushing my teeth at night because that signifies that you can’t have anymore food and I’m just never ready for that kind of commitment

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Your mind is the scene of the crime

GENRE!SWAP MEME l  Inception as a silent film

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gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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involved? i’m not involved

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Lana Del Rey
Coachella, 2014

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Killing a man at a wedding, horrid. What sort of monster would do such a thing?

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“They had chosen him to rule. The Wall was his, and their lives were his as well. A lord may love the men that he commands, he could hear his lord father saying, but he cannot be a friend to them. One day he may need to sit in judgement on them, or send them forth to die.

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